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“The changes to the 2018 budget were made possible by a $132,000 cut to expenses and a $20,000 increase to revenues, with most of the expense cuts coming from sharply lower budget lines for overtime.”

MyVeronaNJ: Tax Levy Increase Shrinks as Town Pares Budget

“Roman has identified $833,076 in cuts to the budget, which would limit the tax increase to 1.3% without affecting essentials, like police or facilities maintenance.”

MyVeronaNJ: Verona Tax Increase: 6.5% or 1.3%?

“Roman’s analysis of our budget showed that Verona’s expenses have increased at three times the rate of inflation since 2008 and that municipal debt service is up 42%
 since that time. “

MyVeronaNJ: Verona’s Budget Versus Our Neighbors

“My goal is to make Verona a better town. I want us to be accountable, transparent, and welcoming.”

MyVeronaNJ: Candidacy Announcement

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