About Alex

I am a proud Verona resident and homeowner. I moved here in 2005 to start building my piece of the American Dream. I fell in love with a nice house on a quiet street and was excited to realize I could settle in this beautiful town. I’ve met many of my neighbors over the years and have enjoyed getting to know them.

Professionally, I am the Chief Technology Officer for a publicly traded broadcasting and digital media company. I am an executive who supervises employees, oversees operating and capital budgets, develops technology strategy, and serves as a part of the senior leadership team for our organization. I work with commercial leases, contracts, and regulatory compliance. I have been in this field for 26 years.

I started to get involved in local government in 2010 when a 5.9% tax increase was proposed and ultimately passed over strenuous objections from a large group of residents. I was opposed to seeing substantial amounts of discretionary spending increases when the country was in a deep recession. Since then I’ve remained involved and have continued to analyze our spending in detail and bring up cases where I find inefficient or unjustifiable expenditures. I am detail-oriented and believe that we will only be able to manage our budget if we look at every dollar we spend, and that fairness to the taxpayer is paramount.

I have a hands-on management philosophy. I believe that you cannot provide meaningful oversight from afar, and I have made it a practice to regularly visit all of Verona’s departments, facilities, and personnel to gain an understanding of our strengths and weaknesses. There is much to be learned and understood from visiting the Public Works yard on a snowy day, seeing a water main break repair in person, or walking through the Wastewater Treatment Plant. I will continue to be an active participant in our governance and seek out areas where we can improve and provide better services to the public.

My job as a member of the Council is to be the best representative that I can be and focus our work in your best interest. I work hard to develop a deep understanding of our operations and the laws governing municipalities in New Jersey. I’ve worked with many of our Department Heads on important projects in the municipality and try to be a contributor rather than just a decision-maker. For over a decade I have dug deeply into municipal finance and am immensely proud of the fiscal strength we have built in Verona. We have the ability to invest on the public’s behalf and provide them with first class services and facilities and maintain a highly desirable town. I believe in debate, discussion, and compromise, and appreciate receiving public input to help my decision making. I do not plan on running for any higher office and am solely focused on the needs of our town. I am here to earn your trust and serve you.

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